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The crisis came when he went fishing with friends for the whole weekend. The men were cold for two days, hauling gear, rowing boats, and eating almost nothing but fish (i.e., carbohydrate-free food). And to maintain morale, they drank vodka. As a result, our hero lost consciousness and miraculously was taken to the hospital in time, where he finally found out that he had low blood sugar. If a person does not have diabetes, hypoglycemia may be a symptom of lanoxin pills disease of the endocrine system. To establish an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and treat the disease that caused this pathological condition.

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In all patients, the disease manifests itself in different ways, so you should know which symptoms you need to buy digoxin online attention to first. People with hypoglycemic syndrome often experience dizziness, confusion, nervousness, hunger, headache, and chills. The patient's pulse quickens, the skin becomes pale, sweating appears, coordination of movements and concentration are disturbed. The person may lose consciousness or even fall into a coma.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia begin to appear if a person's blood sugar level falls below the normal value of 3 mmol/L. It is important to know that hypoglycemia has three degrees of severity. light, medium and heavy. The lower the blood sugar level falls, the more pronounced the symptoms. Hypoglycemia of moderate severity is manifested by a deterioration in consciousness and mood. the person is anxious, irritable, has difficulty concentrating or thinking. Vision blurred, dizzy and headache. Due to weakness and lack of coordination of movements, a person walks and talks with difficulty.

If the blood sugar level falls below 2.2 mmol/l, this is a sign of severe hypoglycemia. This condition can lead to buy lanoxin pills epileptic seizure, convulsions, loss of consciousness and coma. Body temperature drops significantly. People suffering from severe hypoglycemia for a long time are prone to the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain damage. Do not forget that the symptoms of hypoglycemia can be similar to the symptoms of other diseases, so the patient must consult a doctor.